"Securing Our World"
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Authentication Technologies
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Authentication Technologies
Stop The Counterfeiters Before They Stop You!!!
From color shifting inks and films to interactive holograms to secure codes-Authentitrace proves beyond a shadow of a doubt which products are original and just as importantly which products are not. The counterfeiting problem is a global dilemma of mass proportions. Counterfeiters are smart, creative and dishonest and make no mistake about it the monies from counterfeit activity is not put to good use. If you suspect you have or you are afraid you might develop a counterfeiting problem then don't hesitate-call 1-888-897-7997 Ext. 304 today. Find out why our multi-layered approach drives the counterfeiters to duplicating your competitor's product instead of yours.
Covert and Semi-Covert Technologies
Confidentiality is the key to any successful anti-counterfeit program. In order for the program to work you must have a game plan. We are here to help you make those decisions. Let us take the time to show you technologies like indicia-taggants, micro-print, chemical reactivity, embedded codes, tamper evident material and some thirty-five other of our covert and semi-covert possibilities. Sound expensive-try bankruptcy if the counterfeiters target your product line for expensive. We believe the value add of technology labels combined with a formidable game plan is not expensive-it's smart.
Forensic Technologies
Tried other options with limited results? Need proof positive in a court of law? Nothing, we repeat, nothing beats forensic technology to give you that proof. Since the variety of successful forensic options are limited to a few global companies we cannot discuss our options without Non-Disclosure Agreements in place. However, we will go on the record and say that elemental additives, DNA markers and forensic tags are available.
In the end, counterfeiters adapt quickly-you must be quicker, you must be smarter and you must be dedicated to the irradication of counterfeiting as a whole to succeed. You need a professional partner-YOU NEED AUTHENTITRACE.
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